Is Street Photography A Ridiculous Term?

I read a comment not long ago which I cannot quote directly, but the gist of it was this: The author said that the term, “street photography” is a ridiculous one. When I read it, my hackles went up immediately! I wanted to gather the masses of street shooting purists and create protest. However, as with all…

Monterosso al Mare: From Monochrome to Color

And I who am passing by pause on the height, all alone, in the midst of the sunny vines close by the silvery veins that warble as they run down to lose themselves in the sea. – Excerpt from Edoardo Firpo’s – Cinque Terre    

Sea Life on the Street

Ricoh GR, digital   A boat or a persona… in street photography sometimes you run across a conglomerate of energy in character form. No person required.    

Songs in the Key of Blue

The Different Shades of Key West’s Sea Life The sea life as well as the street photography in the keys are colorful. Here is a small handful of examples. Digital, Olympus E-P2

Neptune Will Emerge: A Photolog Promise for Spring

In the midst of winter, we tend to forget that there’s a reason for the darkness and the cold – to prepare us for the beauty and glory of spring. When the light of the sun hits the eye of Neptune, god of the water and the sea, he emerges boldly renewed. Below are images…