Only In Little 5 Points

Only in Little Five Points can a street photographer find an off-duty comedian/magician/clown AND a film crew on break!  

Who Talks To A Street Photographer? (Part Two)

From Who Talks To A Street Photographer? (Part 1), these are the film shots of those who were and were not “closed” for the day. Though a couple of shots are not entirely technically sound, I included them as a continuing part of the original story. Shot with a Rolleiflex 2.8 and Kodak Tri-X 400

Who Talks To A Street Photographer – Part 1

As a street photographer, most of my images are candid, wide angle shots of every day life. Then there are days when you find an interesting face and you want to come in closer. If you’re a semi-bold female, 99% of the time, you can just smile sweetly and go for it. Some will just pose…

The Faces of Dragoncon 2015

Street Portraits and Spectators Digital, NikonD300, 50mm Downtown Atlanta, 2015 When this is the crowd, classic street photography turns to street portraits. Dragoncon is becoming more and more crowded each year. As a result, it’s so hard to move around that I spent most of my time shooting faces this Dragoncon 2015, Atlanta and running…

Just Happy

35mm, HP5+, Olympus XA Inman Park, Atlanta   There’s nothing extraordinary about these photographs. I don’t know this man, there’s no story really, to the setting, and I don’t know his personal story. He just beamed happiness, gentleness and kindness, so I wanted to capture that.

Street Portrait Connections

Olympus e-P2, digital New Orleans, Louisiana – 2013   I don’t do street portraits often, but when I do it’s usually because of a nice connection I’ve made with someone.  These bring back memories of some really happy strangers who love other people, love to party and loved the camera. POST UPDATED: Because I’m not as…