I Wish I Were Martin Parr

(NOTE: After a long break, I’m turning my attention back to photography with a renewed online presence (including a lot of simplification). My blog is now hosted on free WordPress for the moment.) One of the first photographers I came to admire is Martin Parr. His ability to capture irony in every day modern scenes…


I saw a really good person with a beautiful white beard sitting near me at Doc Myers’ restaurant and bar one early afternoon. He rides with a lovely group of people who seemed like family to me. His name is Ray and he obliged me this street portrait.

Tropical Street Stroll With an OM-2

I’ve had very little time to shoot this summer. When I did though, it was with this new/used Japanese 35mm Olympus OM – 2MD. This in combination with a 24mm Olympus lens and some basic Fuji Superia 400 made a great impact on me, both in terms of color quality and ease of street shooting….

Is Street Photography A Ridiculous Term?

I read a comment not long ago which I cannot quote directly, but the gist of it was this: The author said that the term, “street photography” is a ridiculous one. When I read it, my hackles went up immediately! I wanted to gather the masses of street shooting purists and create protest. However, as with all…

Exhibit for Colombia & Atlanta Celebrates Photography

Atlanta Celebrates Photography Four of my digital and film street photos of Colombia in black and white and color will be on display at the Colombian Consulate of Atlanta as part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography. The title of the exhibit is Click Colombia and includes photographic works from a total of six Colombian photographers based in Atlanta….

When Using Color in Street Photography Makes Sense

Digital, Ricoh GR  “The East Atlanta Strut”, Georgia, 2014    8/16/16 EDITED: Original post, September 29, 2014. I wholeheartedly embrace the idea that monochrome lends a certain beauty to a photograph that demands more of both the photograph and the photographer. However, the subject of color versus black and white is interesting to me, so I…

Political Figure Without Provocation

As the bird flies imminently from the west and the sisters marvel innocently from the east, a GIANT building in front of them provokes NO reaction. Digital, RicohGR Chicago, IL

Street Photo of A Mother & Son At A Bar After His Wedding

  Experiments with the Ricoh GR’s in camera 47mm crop, macro and flash while attempting to maintain proper focus. The Village at Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL   He had just gotten married that day…. and there’s more to the story, but let’s just leave it there!  

Only In Little 5 Points

Only in Little Five Points can a street photographer find an off-duty comedian/magician/clown AND a film crew on break!