Tropical Street Stroll With an OM-2

I’ve had very little time to shoot this summer. When I did though, it was with this new/used Japanese 35mm Olympus OM – 2MD. This in combination with a 24mm Olympus lens and some basic Fuji Superia 400 made a great impact on me, both in terms of color quality and ease of street shooting….

Street Photo of A Mother & Son At A Bar After His Wedding

  Experiments with the Ricoh GR’s in camera 47mm crop, macro and flash while attempting to maintain proper focus. The Village at Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL   He had just gotten married that day…. and there’s more to the story, but let’s just leave it there!  

Just Happy

35mm, HP5+, Olympus XA Inman Park, Atlanta   There’s nothing extraordinary about these photographs. I don’t know this man, there’s no story really, to the setting, and I don’t know his personal story. He just beamed happiness, gentleness and kindness, so I wanted to capture that.

Winter in Blue Ridge at 100 Speed

Experimenting with 100 speed film in Black and White and 100 ASA in digital color. Digital photographers generally don’t like too much grain in their digital shots, but I found it to be an interesting look that at least taught me a little more about using different speeds across two mediums using an 80mm lens…

Street Portrait Connections

Olympus e-P2, digital New Orleans, Louisiana – 2013   I don’t do street portraits often, but when I do it’s usually because of a nice connection I’ve made with someone.  These bring back memories of some really happy strangers who love other people, love to party and loved the camera. POST UPDATED: Because I’m not as…

A Gentle Stranger

Grant Park, Atlanta Digital, Ricoh GR, 18.5mm   Desperately seeking inspiration while out on my own today, I found a willing and friendly face. This is why I love street photography. A gentle stranger… a cool guy willing to oblige me while I create something.  I only wish I could remember his name…

Happy and Simple

By day, sun wrinkled skin. Dirt under his nails.  By night, beer in his belly, happiness in his heart.  It’s a simple life, really. Digital, Nikon D300 Cota, Colombia