Is Street Photography A Ridiculous Term?

I read a comment not long ago which I cannot quote directly, but the gist of it was this: The author said that the term, “street photography” is a ridiculous one. When I read it, my hackles went up immediately! I wanted to gather the masses of street shooting purists and create protest. However, as with all…

We Are Changing: How People Mimic Nature

Digital, Ricoh GR Lincoln Park, 2015   The photos in the gallery above represent a collection of ways in which we subconsciously attempt to mimic nature. They also represent the ways we create man-made natural environments so that people and nature can silently coexistence. These are arranged symbolically in pairs and are open to your interpretation. There is no…

Sea Life on the Street

Ricoh GR, digital   A boat or a persona… in street photography sometimes you run across a conglomerate of energy in character form. No person required.    

There’s Always Serenity at Serenbe

I’ve written about Serenbe Farms before. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot film. There’s always something new and interesting to shoot and you can always find serenity and inspiration there. Though taken in brighter sun than I normally like, the scans from my rangefinder film camera gave these shots the hazy feel I tried…

How To Resolve Dilemmas Creatively & Recalibrate The Mind

Location: Oregon. My Camera: Olympus E-P2, 17mm lens   Nature As A Problem Solver What do you do when you have a problem that you can’t stop thinking about or a dilemma that you want to solve? I have always employed what I refer to as “left-brained” tactics. I would think about it over and…

Songs in the Key of Blue

The Different Shades of Key West’s Sea Life The sea life as well as the street photography in the keys are colorful. Here is a small handful of examples. Digital, Olympus E-P2

From Atlanta to Chattanooga

Digital, Nikon D300 Tennessee/Georgia November, 2013 I don’t shoot with my DSLR much these days, nor do I shoot many landscapes, but I enjoyed stepping into that style for a little while this weekend. Click on the image below to see the set on Flickr: //

Ode To Lake Merritt

Location: Lake Merritt – Oakland, California February 8, 2013 Yashica-D TLR – Ilford Delta 100, 120 medium format.