Tropical Street Stroll With an OM-2

I’ve had very little time to shoot this summer. When I did though, it was with this new/used Japanese 35mm Olympus OM – 2MD. This in combination with a 24mm Olympus lens and some basic Fuji Superia 400 made a great impact on me, both in terms of color quality and ease of street shooting….

Is Street Photography A Ridiculous Term?

I read a comment not long ago which I cannot quote directly, but the gist of it was this: The author said that the term, “street photography” is a ridiculous one. When I read it, my hackles went up immediately! I wanted to gather the masses of street shooting purists and create protest. However, as with all…

Only In Little 5 Points

Only in Little Five Points can a street photographer find an off-duty comedian/magician/clown AND a film crew on break!  

Two Film Cameras & Two Fall Mornings With Antiques & Trains

Using a Rolleiflex, Kodak 400Tri-X and a Pentax67, Kodak TMY 400, on day one I started with a small portrait of this camera salesman at the Rust & Dust Antique Shop – an iconic store which I heard was liquidating. On day two, I set out to make one of my favorite subjects the focus: trains. The…

Who Talks To A Street Photographer? (Part Two)

From Who Talks To A Street Photographer? (Part 1), these are the film shots of those who were and were not “closed” for the day. Though a couple of shots are not entirely technically sound, I included them as a continuing part of the original story. Shot with a Rolleiflex 2.8 and Kodak Tri-X 400

A 35mm Day in Chicago & Olympus XA

Chicago, May 2015 Olympus XA, 35mm 400 box speed pushed to 800.   Chicago is a street photographer’s haven and has given me a number of photographic opportunities during another recent trip. I’m still wading through them all.     These 7 images were taken with one of the smallest rangefinder film cameras ever made, a…

Just Happy

35mm, HP5+, Olympus XA Inman Park, Atlanta   There’s nothing extraordinary about these photographs. I don’t know this man, there’s no story really, to the setting, and I don’t know his personal story. He just beamed happiness, gentleness and kindness, so I wanted to capture that.

Color Street Photography Around The Earl With 35mm Fuji Superia

  The Earl is not only what I’d consider the king of East Atlanta’s music hot spots with a tasty, affordable bar menu, but it’s also to me, the most colorful and laid back bars in the city where anyone can just hang out and be his or herself. So this why I chose The Earl to sit down one…

Winter in Blue Ridge at 100 Speed

Experimenting with 100 speed film in Black and White and 100 ASA in digital color. Digital photographers generally don’t like too much grain in their digital shots, but I found it to be an interesting look that at least taught me a little more about using different speeds across two mediums using an 80mm lens…