Political Figure Without Provocation

As the bird flies imminently from the west and the sisters marvel innocently from the east, a GIANT building in front of them provokes NO reaction. Digital, RicohGR Chicago, IL

How Many Great Street Bands Are There in New Orleans?

Royal Street, New Orleans, March 2016 Digital, Ricoh GR   New Orleans (“NoLa”) is known for having a wealth of incredible, talented musicians. This band ranks up there with the best I’ve heard there.  The drummer, aside from his beat, kept a pretty tight glare on the crowd. I had to photograph him. The clarinet player…

Cartagena in Black and White

The most striking aspect of the walled city in Cartagena Colombia is the wide array of bold, beautiful colors – from the houses to its inhabitants choice of clothing. So, it may seem odd that my first selection of street photography would be in black and white. As I’ve mentioned before, some images lend themselves to…

Two Film Cameras & Two Fall Mornings With Antiques & Trains

Using a Rolleiflex, Kodak 400Tri-X and a Pentax67, Kodak TMY 400, on day one I started with a small portrait of this camera salesman at the Rust & Dust Antique Shop – an iconic store which I heard was liquidating. On day two, I set out to make one of my favorite subjects the focus: trains. The…

Who Talks To A Street Photographer? (Part Two)

From Who Talks To A Street Photographer? (Part 1), these are the film shots of those who were and were not “closed” for the day. Though a couple of shots are not entirely technically sound, I included them as a continuing part of the original story. Shot with a Rolleiflex 2.8 and Kodak Tri-X 400

Cool Canadians

When I arrived in Montreal after leaving Toronto, I had pretty clear expectations of Montreal’s inhabitants – not that I was expecting anything negative, necessarily. Maybe I just imagined them to be a bit more austere, like their 8 month long winter weather. I was very genuinely surprised to find them not cold at all, but…

A 35mm Day in Chicago & Olympus XA

Chicago, May 2015 Olympus XA, 35mm 400 box speed pushed to 800.   Chicago is a street photographer’s haven and has given me a number of photographic opportunities during another recent trip. I’m still wading through them all.     These 7 images were taken with one of the smallest rangefinder film cameras ever made, a…

Just Happy

35mm, HP5+, Olympus XA Inman Park, Atlanta   There’s nothing extraordinary about these photographs. I don’t know this man, there’s no story really, to the setting, and I don’t know his personal story. He just beamed happiness, gentleness and kindness, so I wanted to capture that.

We Are Changing: How People Mimic Nature

Digital, Ricoh GR Lincoln Park, 2015   The photos in the gallery above represent a collection of ways in which we subconsciously attempt to mimic nature. They also represent the ways we create man-made natural environments so that people and nature can silently coexistence. These are arranged symbolically in pairs and are open to your interpretation. There is no…

Chasing Lines and Shadows in Chicago

Digital, Ricoh GR Chicago, 2015   One Friday Afternoon in Downtown Chicago Three cameras. Camera one, part one…. street photography is plentiful in “Chi-town”.