Clean Eating

The Food Project

Photography for this project on hiatus 

I love food photography and food as a subject mainly because I love eating! I grew up with a Colombian mother and a Lebanese father. In both these cultures, food takes on almost a diety status! The influence of cooking and eating quality food has been enormous in my life.

I started clean eating for another reason. After seven years of annoying gastrointestinal issues for which I could never find the culprit, I was forced to investigate more deeply into food and how our bodies respond to it. There was much reading, doctor’s visits, elimination diets and trial and error. I learned about how intricately the mind, body and spirit work together – how it’s not always just one thing that can make you sick. I learned about the domino effect that can wreak havoc on your whole system if you eat one, innocuous grain via packaged product or at a restaurant when you don’t even know it’s the culprit. And I learned that the best form of empowerment when it comes to your health is to do your own research.

Gluten and GMO corn were major culprits for me along with long-term effects of over the counter pain relievers. I have since drastically reduced all of these and as a result, I have my gut health back.  Since then, my motto is;

Eat real food, clean food – preferably no labels or containers – pulled from the earth, plucked from a tree and properly fed and cared for, if it died for you.

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