I Wish I Were Martin Parr

(NOTE: After a long break, I’m turning my attention back to photography with a renewed online presence (including a lot of simplification). My blog is now hosted on free WordPress for the moment.)

One of the first photographers I came to admire is Martin Parr. His ability to capture irony in every day modern scenes along with his command for using color appropriately as a protagonist in each story is astounding to me!

I know a lot of peers of mine who are walking encyclopedias of famous photographers. I am terrible with names, dates and details but never forget an image. Martin influenced my personal style of shooting probably more than most with his images.

I Wish I Were Martin Parr: beach lady
Mexico Beach, Florida before the Hurricane

In recreating my online presence for 2020, I became quite frustrated in the large volume of photos from personal trips I have taken in the last two years and instead of struggling to find new candidates for my portfolio, I realized that there was something there, actually. So, I now include a section of my website dedicated to this Magnum photographer’s work.

You can find my ongoing tribute on I Wish I Were Martin Parr.

Happy New Year!


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