A Glimpse of Colombia’s Streets in 35mm Color

35mm, Canon Rebel SLR, 400 speed color film

My 1/2 Breed Quick Synopsis

When I was a child, the most common response I would get from people when I told them I was going to Colombia for the summer to spend time with my family was usually a “tongue-in-cheek” half joke about cocaine or marijuana. (Thank God the 80s are over!) There were also some pretty outlandish questions that were intended seriously, such as, “does your family have running water?” or “do they live in houses or huts?” I’d repeatedly respond that my family lives in a thriving, bustling metropolitan city named Bogotá – not that different from the population and activity of New York with all the modern conveniences, growing technological advancements, the richest soil, the most beautiful emeralds (emerald capital of the world), amazing food, a significant amount of downtown thievery, and yes it’s getting safer now that former President Uribe worked his magic, and no, I have no drugs to sell.

I’d like to think that Atlanta has come a long way in its education about South America (and foreign lands in general) since then. Judging from the questions I get these days, such as, “is it safe to travel there?” or “do they have wi-fi?”, I’d say this southern city I grew up in is becoming just a bit more savvy in cultural experiences – or at least its general understanding!

The peak of Monserrate at the city center of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. Monserrate is ~ 10, 374 feet above sea level.
The peak of Monserrate at the city center of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. Monserrate is ~ 10, 374 feet above sea level.

I’m also pleased that a lot more Northern Americans are excited about visiting Colombia. In fact, if you look at Trip Advisor, there are over 517 thousand reviews and in Atlanta, the Atlanta Streets Alive organization’s events were created and fashioned after Bogotá’s Ciclovia. There are hundreds of thousands of tempting  travel articles written about the coast of Colombia and the major cities such as Medellin, now touted as the “miracle” city of reinvention.

This is not a travel article though. You will have plenty of sources to do your research. I’d like to consider myself as a visual storyteller and let you discover the country on your own. With that, here are just a brief set of images.

35mm Selected Images

There are two qualities from the images below that for me, created their grouping: 1) These are all traditional film shots – the first batch of which, I am sharing and, 2) If I had to communicate a “vibe” about how the country of Colombia appears at first glance to a visitor, it would be with via these photos. There is no buffer here. What you see is what you get on any normal day, through the lens.

35mm, Canon Rebel SLR, 400 speed color film

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