Who Talks To A Street Photographer – Part 1

As a street photographer, most of my images are candid, wide angle shots of every day life. Then there are days when you find an interesting face and you want to come in closer. If you’re a semi-bold female, 99% of the time, you can just smile sweetly and go for it. Some will just pose but most will talk to you and share a story that’s interesting. You ask to make a photograph and it’s a lovely ending.

For example, the above image is of Joe, a native Atlantan. Joe just found a new job working with the government and was elated. I found out that he knows a little French, thinks he would be a good photographer because he sees buildings around Atlanta and feels he knows what he could shoot. Joe also loves plain Lay’s potato chips.

Then there are those times that even as a bold female, the streets aren’t quite as welcoming and so, you use your strong intuition and sense of safety with ones you feel will just close the doors. It’s not just a question of safety either. For example, the last photo in the below gallery shows a young man who I wanted to approach at first, but decided that he was positioned in just the right place to make a more candid shot.

Then there was a photograph (not shown here) which I will not post of a young, overweight man I chased down because I saw he was wearing a Burger King hat. I realized he had a mental impairment. These are times for me to back way off.

The bottom line: Some people open up, some are to be left alone and some just CLOSE their doors to the public, maybe temporarily, maybe long-term. Some photographers take the photo anyway. This photographer opts to tread lightly instead of barging down the doors.

Who Talks To A Street Photographer?
A closed door.

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