We Are Changing: How People Mimic Nature

Digital, Ricoh GR
Lincoln Park, 2015

The photos in the gallery above represent a collection of ways in which we subconsciously attempt to mimic nature. They also represent the ways we create man-made natural environments so that people and nature can silently coexistence. These are arranged symbolically in pairs and are open to your interpretation.

There is no doubt that the way we interact with each other is changing. Technology is largely responsible for creating a divide so large between us that most times, we don’t notice it and we go on, thumbing our way through text “conversations”.

I was chatting with a friend about this and we agreed that this topic of how we connect and interact with each other in modern society (amidst the non-stop advances of technology) will remain a theme for years to come. The one true way however, that we can still find connection within, the one meaningful parallel we still gravitate towards and find peace in, is nature.


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