How Art Rolls: Things Sometimes Look The Same – Until They Don’t

High Museum of Art, Atlanta
March, 2015
Yashica Mat 124

The thing about life that I have found is that sometimes it feels like nothing’s changing. You wait, you hope, you push, but the truth is, no one can force change.

I used to be a “make it happen” kind of person instead of a “let it happen” kind of person. Art and photography have been my biggest teachers.  I don’t panic as much anymore if I’m not producing images. It’s OK if I let the images find me. It’s getting easier to allow those dark times of detachment from my creativity because with practice, I’ve learned that it’ll come back around. My darkroom time teaches me that patience more than any other craft. Photography in general has coaxed me into allowing.

By not rushing creativity,  I have learned that if you really stay still and mindful… if you truly pay attention and don’t force it, suddenly, things do change! A window opens, if only just a crack. Or the back door opens and there’s an amazing breeze! It takes time though and sometimes it feels like forever.

In the meantime, as I wait, I remember that I don’t own my art. My art owns me and with total recklessness, she decides how/who/when and what – and being the tease that she is, she may decide to keep me waiting for a while longer, regurgitating repetitiveness until I shut up.

In other words, things sometimes look the same – until they don’t. If this is the case for you, just hang in there and from time to time, that back door will swing wide open. That’s just how art rolls.

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