Project Parallel: Global Street Scenes Through Reflections


Some of us are keenly aware of others who come into our physical space, while some of us rarely pay attention to our surroundings or the people around us. How aware are you of passersby and how often do you immediately create a story about them? In a parallel universe, what if you had a different story? What if you already met and become best friends, lovers or professional pals?

For a street photographer, the more awareness of the strangers around you, the better your shots will become. You you are creating art out of nuances that most do not notice.  As part of my mindfulness practice, paying attention to who crosses my path, exploring these concepts of creating storylines go hand in hand.

As of January of 2015, I’m starting a new project phase involving one of my favorite ways to photograph: through glass. I am using glass and or similar reflective objects to show parallel instances of people or scenery from both sides.

I hope to instigate insight into the idea that we create stories about people and situations from within smaller confines than we realize.  I am attempting to make photographs that also illustrate our commonalities and our differences, further playing with the concept of inaccurate perceptions we hold toward one another (e.g. who is on what side of the glass, really?) 

If you examine the images, you can see the faint portions of people overlapping each other at times. Focal points and composition are my own take but the rest is for your interpretation.

Update 1 on 13 January: Began with 8 photos of random shots from New York and New Orleans.

Update 2 on 19 January: Added 8 more photos of Atlanta Street Photography Group Meet up at Candler Park and Little 5 Points, Atlanta.

Update 3 on 1 March: Added 9 more photos of Atlanta Street Photography Group Meet up in East Atlanta.

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