Grooming Oneself Towards A Veteran Status

Digital, Ricoh GR
Monterosso al Mare

Service to allVeteran: Experienced through long service or practice; having served for a long period. 

When I think of this US holiday called Veteran’s Day, I usually think of fallen heroes, the American flag, etc.  Not to take away from those we honor today, but this morning I thought about the meaning of the word, “veteran” and how we are all offered the opportunity to be veterans in our own lives. What does I mean?

The men and women who enlisted and continue to enlist make a choice: to make it a priority to serve the greater good. There’s a drive and discipline in that choice. We can learn something from this passion.

How can you and I serve the greater good? How can we if we are losing ourselves in work, in chaos or in others’ lives instead of our own?

It’s a discipline but making the choice to make your personal growth a priority every day is the key for me. For the man in the photo, this means the early morning discipline of fishery. To me, it means a number of things, but one is committing to keep the focus on photography, a little bit every day (despite all the obstacles and voices in my head telling me of other obligations).

After all, I cannot serve well if I don’t feel I’ve served my own growth first. I have nothing to give if I don’t do that daily discipline for myself first.

What are you doing to groom yourself towards your own veteran status? 


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