How To Cycle Through Madness

Above Photo Gallery: Digital, Ricoh GR
Location: Italy

One of my best friends reminded me the other day that here in North America, we have been recognized by some as a “feel-good culture.” In other words, we try very hard to chase the good feelings and doubly hard to avoid the bad.

I get why we do that. Some days just are NOT fun – who wants to give into them – and so, why would we want to publicize that? Often, we don’t want others to know. We harbor a secret of stark reality.

Here’s my truth: Some days I don’t feel like sifting through photos or going out to shoot. I have no creative energy and sometimes, those days linger. Today for example, was an all out “sucky” day. Multiple things went “wrong” and I did want to run from that reality. However, I’m learning that this too, is okay. Though it doesn’t happen as often these days, I’m learning how to embrace the mad days too. I don’t have to like them. I just have to say, “I consent to this.”

One of the ways I get to accepting what is, is to cycle through the madness – both literally (I love to ride!) and figuratively. I just get outside of myself and take all that “ick” and drown it in something physical. I stay away from mental pursuits lest the mind get carried away with telling stories that aren’t true. I cycle it out of my physical being or I walk or do …. something, anything physical… not necessarily to feel good again, but to drown myself in the current, present moment of “ick”.  (You can also write blog posts!) Then after I’m through with that, I sit and let it all “be.” There are amazing revelations that come up at this point.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for keeping a positive outlook, but sometimes we disrespect the essence of reality, of true life when we talk endlessly about what’s great when we are really not feeling so great (thanks Maria!). We get through life with more grace if we can accept that not every day needs to be FILLED with happiness and inspiration. Sometimes it’s important to let the world know that you aren’t perpetually chasing rainbows, but that you’re a human being who struggles at times with just being human.

I remembered hearing that phrase, “a feel good culture” and it struck me. It would be good to be real! It would be good to admit that “yes, here I am and I’m not 100% and I’m not pretending to be anything else.”

What’s that recent saying? Right… here it is:


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