Roasted Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Roasted Stuffed Poblano Pepper – all images © Juliette Mansour Photography

This pepper is roasted and stuffed with quinoa, brown rice and asparagus simmered in lemon zest, topped with monterrey jack cheese and fresh salsa.

This is a fast and delightfully tasty and filling side dish. I used a Jamie Oliver recipe for Asparagus and Mint Risotto the night before, but used quinoa in place of the risotto.

The next day I roasted a poblano in the oven, broil on high, 1 minute on each side until blackened. I peeled off the skin, carefully slit the pepper and stuffed it with the risotto and topped it with monterrey jack cheese. I threw it back in the oven to cook the mixture and melt the cheese and then topped it with salsa.

The sweetness of the pepper combined wonderfully with the zesty lemony taste of the quinoa mixture and the tangy bite of the salsa. It was a bit of a layered taste.


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