The Power of Music

Music holds a lot of power for all of us in different ways. I wanted to capture the visual and the prose together of just one aspect of the power of music … I massaged this way too many times, maybe more than I should have.

As always, it’s subjective to the reader….


The Power of Music

It’s a surgeon of surrendered souls
That sutures wounds unseen
With tender strands of warmth and glow
And sultry sounds of heat

It’s a seamstress for the artist
Upon drab and tangled threads
Briskly brushing back the severed, the tattered
And the distressed

It’s a hypnotist for the paltry
For the hidden and obscure
Waving little harmonies
Back and forth
A moth to a flame

GuitarIt’s the masseuse of a tired, global corpus
Kneading out the weak and the inflamed
Circulating our psyche
With melody and melancholy

It’s a confidant for the lonely
A hand drapes the shoulder
A punch or two in the arm for love’s sake
A faithful friend

It’s a speaker for the deaf and dumb
Relaying loyally, every stolen line
Astounding with its simplicity
A word or two on their behalf

And it’s the author of our memories
A stand-in prophet of our  fate
Feeling what we can’t remember
And creating what we have yet to feel

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